SACS User Manual

2021-06-21 16:19

Special notes:

1. All SACS are pre-assembled at the factory according to the colour selection, they can be used with the rear derailleur directly on arrival.

2. The box contains a locking tool with SIGEYI lettering. It is used to lock the pulley wheels.

3. If you need to change parts, please note that the upper and lower pulley wheel caps and the locking tool can only withstand a maximum torque of 2Nm. All caps are pre-applied with a tightening thread adhesive.

4. Any installation of the pulley wheel cap requires pre-application of thread adhesive to threads prior to installation.

5. The SACS is not to be violently dismantled the axle, the small L-shaped black chain stopper on the cage and the ceramic hybrid bearing on the pulley wheel.

Installation video:

SHR (Installation Tools: T10)

GRX (Installation Hex Tools: 2mm, 4mm, 5mm)

AXS (Installation Hex Tools: 2.5mm, 6mm)